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This Time, It's All About You

The Invest in Yourself Virtual Experience is unraveling the traditional “digital conference” format into a new type of “unconference” designed around personal wellness, stress-relief, and, finally, YOU!

When staff are better grounded, less frazzled, and better equipped to manage stress, colleges & universities (and their students) all win!

Invest in Yourself will offer a combination of internationally-known speakers, interactive workshops, purposeful breaks, giveaways, and fun in a 1-day virtual experience unlike anything else in higher education. Connect with other higher ed professionals and learn techniques for practicing self-care, improving well-being, developing resilience, and implementing these strategies in the workplace.

Are You Ready to [Re]treat Yourself?

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Speaker Lineup

You’ve never seen a speaker lineup like this before! Learn and engage with the best of the best in personal investment and self-care.

Arianna Huffington

[Founder and CEO, THRIVE Global]

Host: Amma Marfo

[Speaker, Facilitator, Writer, Career Coach]

Lorna Borenstein

[Author, "It's Personal: The Business Case for Caring"]

Nadia Rawlinson

[Chief People Officer, Slack]

Paul Osincup

[Speaker & Positive Workplace Strategist]

Sue Decker

[Founder and CEO, Raftr]

Warren Buffett

[Chairman and CEO, Berkshire Hathaway]
About the Experience

Invest in Yourself is the only wellness-focused events designed exclusively for Higher Ed faculty & staff.

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